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On-site flu vaccinations

Prevention of the outbreak and spread of disease in the workplace is an effective way to keep your healthcare costs in check. Influenza vaccination of employees in the workplace is a simple yet significant way to reduce both healthcare costs and productivity losses associated with influenza illness.

Studies of adults aged under 65 years have reported that vaccination can reduce both direct medical costs and indirect costs from work absenteeism.

Providing influenza vaccinations for employees can translate into significant cost savings for your company.

Corporate Care can arrange to send one of our registered nurses who specializes in vaccinations to your business location to administer influenza vaccinations to your staff members who wish to participate. This appointment is arranged in advanced, and publicised to employees internally. Bookings can be made online, or through of centralised telephone booking system.

As studies have revealed only 25% of all adults are up-to-date on their recommended immunizations, we can also advise on and administer a range of boosters and routine adult vaccinations.

On-site travel vaccinations

Globalisation has led to increased corporate travel and the need for a travel immunisation and advisory service. Employees are often required to travel at short notice often to areas that require immunisation against local diseases.

We provide up to the minute information on worldwide disease outbreaks and other potential travel-related hazards.

We also administer the appropriate vaccines on-site, saving valuable employee time and protecting your vital assets - your employees.

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