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Healthy employees have a favourable impact on the company bottom line

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Pre-employment health screening
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Flu and travel vaccinations
Being proactive as opposed to reactive

Occupational health demystified
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What can such an assessment achieve?

  • Identify health problems which may affect their ability to do the job safely or efficiently.

  • Identify health problems which may be aggravated by the nature of the particular role.

  • Determine where the DDA is likely to apply and advice on possible adjustments

  • Educate prospective employees about potential health problems related to the job.

  • Establish base line information as applicable e.g. the need of hearing or lung function assessments in certain industries.

  • Allow the conducting of tests in cases where there are specific requirements e.g. food handling.

  • Be used to advise on fitness to join pension or sick pay schemes.

In some cases referral to an Occupational Physician (OP) is required if a specific medical assessment is deemed necessary. This may also require additional information to be requested from the prospective employee's GP or specialist and is performed in accordance with the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988.

  • Personnel will be advised of any delays in reaching a judgment on fitness where for example referral to an Occupational Physician is necessary or additional information is awaited.

  • If a prospective employee has a disability or any other restrictions of capability relevant to their employment, the OHNA or OP, as appropriate will advise Personnel accordingly, in writing. This will include appropriate advice to assist management in considering whether there are any reasonable adjustments that could be made to accommodate the prospective employee.

  • It is the responsibility of Line Management and Personnel to inform the prospective employee of the conclusions, i.e. as to whether an offer of employment is confirmed or withdrawn.

What cannot be achieved?

  • It cannot predict who will be poor attendees in the future

  • It cannot predict those who will never be sick in the future

  • It cannot determine who will be a good performer or a pleasant work colleague

Individuals have a right to keep their medical history private from the business, their colleagues and human resources. Undertaking such a pre-employment / pre-placement assessment through our service ensures a competent appraisal of all the relevant health and risk factors whilst maintaining employee confidentiality.

What are the aims and outcomes of the assessment?

What is the procedure and cost of pre-employment health assessments?


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