Is there a high sickness absence at your company?
Healthy employees have a favourable impact on the company bottom line

Do you have specific employee's with poor attendance records?
Absence from the office equals reduced efficiency and bottom-line performance

Pre-employment health screening
Don't lose this valuable opportunity to detect potential problems - have these done by a professional

Flu and travel vaccinations
Being proactive as opposed to reactive

Occupational health demystified
Need help understanding occupational health and what it means for you and your company?


Aims of the assessment

  • To ensure that the prospective employee is capable of undertaking the requirements of the job without putting themselves, their fellow employees or the general public at risk of illness or injury.

  • To ensure the Business fulfils its obligations under the relevant legislation.

  • To enable the business to identify and implement any modifications which may be necessary to either the workplace or work practices to accommodate an employee with a pre-existing medical condition.

The outcomes may be

  • Fit for proposed employment.

  • Fit for proposed employment subject to certain conditions
    e.g. specific limitations or restrictions.

  • Need to consider alternative duties.

  • Reasonable adjustments in line with the Disability Discrimination Act

  • Unfit for proposed employment.


The outcome of the assessment is reported using a Certificate of Fitness.

The employer should be sufficiently informed to make a clear decision about the prospective employee's ability to work (both current and future) and any adjustments, modifications, restrictions or prohibitions which may be required.

Can advise on past sickness absence rates which are the best predictor of future sickness absence.

What can and cannot be achieved?

What is the procedure and cost of pre-employment health assessments?



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