Is there a high sickness absence at your company?
Healthy employees have a favourable impact on the company bottom line

Do you have specific employee's with poor attendance records?
Absence from the office equals reduced efficiency and bottom-line performance

Pre-employment health screening
Don't lose this valuable opportunity to detect potential problems - have these done by a professional

Flu and travel vaccinations
Being proactive as opposed to reactive

Occupational health demystified
Need help understanding occupational health and what it means for you and your company?


On-site services

The practicalities of a traditional GP consultation involve significant absence from the office due to a disproportionate travel: consultation ratio. By providing an on-site service one eliminates the time-consuming commuting.

An easily accessible medical service ensures that advice is sought early.

GP and Physiotherapy service

Our doctors are experienced and caring physicians who are supported by a network of the UK's leading specialists to whom referral can be quickly arranged if indicated.

We also ensure close liaison with an individuals own GP, as appropriate, to maintain continuity of care.

Our physicians can provide occupational health advice or will liase closely with an existing Occupational Health department.

Our team of physiotherapists have extensive experience in the assessment and management of musculoskeletal problems. They are also trained in ergonomic workstation assessment, ensuring future problems may be prevented.


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