Is there a high sickness absence at your company?
Healthy employees have a favourable impact on the company bottom line

Do you have specific employee's with poor attendance records?
Absence from the office equals reduced efficiency and bottom-line performance

Pre-employment health screening
Don't lose this valuable opportunity to detect potential problems - have these done by a professional

Flu and travel vaccinations
Being proactive as opposed to reactive

Occupational health demystified
Need help understanding occupational health and what it means for you and your company?


Cost benefit analysis

  • Sessions are held on-site in the company's First Aid room - or other allocated room. A desk, two chairs and an examination couch are all that are needed - Corporate Care will provide the rest.

  • The service is free to employees - the company is charged per session

  • We offer a competitive fee structure

  • Number of sessions dependent upon company requirements

  • A session would consist of a morning session (9:00am - 12:30pm) or afternoon session (2:00pm - 5:30pm)

  • The service is advertised on the company intranet or wherever appropriate - at the discretion of the company

  • Consultation period is typically 15 minutes

  • Corporate Care manages all booking arrangements through our central telephonic appointment facility


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