Is there a high sickness absence at your company?
Healthy employees have a favourable impact on the company bottom line

Do you have specific employee's with poor attendance records?
Absence from the office equals reduced efficiency and bottom-line performance

Pre-employment health screening
Don't lose this valuable opportunity to detect potential problems - have these done by a professional

Flu and travel vaccinations
Being proactive as opposed to reactive

Occupational health demystified
Need help understanding occupational health and what it means for you and your company?


How can your organisation benefit from our involvement?

  • Ensure compliance with relevant legislative (eg: RIDDOR - Reporting of Injuries, Disease and Dangerous Occurrences).

  • Can facilitate investigation of breaches in legislation such as Disability Discrimination Act and Manual Handling Operations Regulations.

  • Auditing absence can assist in effective targeting of manager training.

  • Auditing work-relatedness of absence to 'close the loop' of risk management under relevant legislation.

How much does sickness absence cost you?

  • The average direct cost of absence each year is around £434 per employee

  • The cost to the UK economy is £10-12 billion annually

  • Short-term sickness accounts for 80% of absences and 62% of lost time

The scale of the costs of absence are such that even small improvements in health and safety performance may offer greater opportunities for cost control than many of the business areas commonly reviewed for the purpose by management. The largest single area for loss control in any labour intensive industry is related to health. With the majority of absences accounted for by minor complaints the potential for management of these costs is even more apparent.

* Reference CBI report

In what circumstances do referrals by management usually arise?

Staff absence cost UK £13bn in 2005

Sickness Absence costs employers £12.2 billion in 2004


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