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Pre-employment health screening
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Flu and travel vaccinations
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Occupational health demystified
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In what circumstances referrals by management usually arise?

The management of persistent intermittent Short-Term Sickness Absence (STSA). Usually this pattern relates to genuine unrelated self limiting medical symptoms. The issues addressed by the OHP in these circumstances usually include whether there is an underlying medical cause common to these absences and whether the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 applies. In most cases recurrent STSA is not related to disability and legal precedent has emphasises the managerial responsibility for dealing with this issue once any single underlying medical issues have been excluded (Harvard A, 2002).

Management of Long Term Sickness Absence (LTSA). Here the employment Appeal Tribunal has emphasised need for up-to-date medical information in the management of such situations. Occupational Health Professionals should be able to comment on the likely date of return, whether there will be any residual disability at that time and whether this would be permanent or temporary, whether the employee would be capable of regular and effective service on their return and whether any special limitations should be taken into account in redeploying the employee.

Seeking an opinion on return to safety critical work after prolonged sickness absence.

Applicability of the DDA.

Applicability of the company's pension scheme in an individual case.

How can your organisation benefit from our involvement?

How much does sickness absence cost your organisation?

Staff absence cost UK £13bn in 2005

Sickness Absence costs employers £12.2 billion in 2004


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