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Sickness absence management

Employee time is a valuable company resource. Absence from the office translates into reduced efficiency and reduced bottom-line performance. There is therefore the need to pro-actively and effectively manage any absence.

Why manage sickness absence?

  • Cost savings by reduction in short and long term absences

  • Improved staff morale

  • Compliance with your legal obligations

  • Increased productivity and profit

How can Corporate Care help?

Successful management of sickness absence starts with integrating a procedure of Occupational Health Referral into all Sickness Absence Management Policies. Early referrals to Occupational Health will help ensure intervention at a stage most likely to lead to return to work and if applied consistently will avoid charges of discrimination. Occupational Health should input into management training to promote an understanding of the occupational role in sickness absence management.

With issues such as stress and the Disability Discrimination Act, effectively managing sickness absence can appear to be a difficult territory to navigate.  At Corporate Care we provide sound medical solutions with focused advice. The Occupational physician may need to act as an interpreter of the medical information, putting it into temporal and functional terms, which allow the manager to make appropriate decisions, whilst protecting patient confidentiality. Our experience in dealing with the impact of health on work ensures that the advice provided by our team of health care professionals is beneficial to both employee and employer.

We can support you in the review and formulation of a strong and effective sickness absence policy. Through early intervention we can work together to limit the possibility of any absence becoming a long term problem. We can also assist you with the provision of managed vocational rehabilitation programmes to support the individuals return to work.

In what circumstances do referrals by management usually arise?

How can your organisation benefit from our involvement?

How much does sickness absence cost your organisation?

Staff absence cost UK £13bn in 2005

Sickness Absence costs employers £12.2 billion in 2004


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