Is there a high sickness absence at your company?
Healthy employees have a favourable impact on the company bottom line

Do you have specific employee's with poor attendance records?
Absence from the office equals reduced efficiency and bottom-line performance

Pre-employment health screening
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Flu and travel vaccinations
Being proactive as opposed to reactive

Occupational health demystified
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In a highly competitive economic environment, attracting and retaining talent is a management priority. It makes sense to adopt a proactive approach when considering the health of your employees. 

Demonstrating your commitment to the health of your staff will have a hugely positive impact on your customers.  By making Occupational Health a core function of your business you can deliver to your bottom line while recognising your corporate and social responsibilities.

What is Occupational Health?

Simplistically, Occupational Health is the relationship between work and health. It looks at how work can be affected by the state of one’s health and how health can be affected by work. Occupational Health actively promotes and maintains good health in your workplace by utilising specialist medical professionals on-site.  This ensures compliance with your legal obligations and supports you and your employees when health problems occur.

Why maintain good Occupational Health?

  • Reduction in absence from work due to sickness

  • Improved staff performance and motivation

  • Better staff retention

  • Reduction in risk and potential of litigation

  • Increased productivity and profits

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